Business Consultancy Services

Anna can help with most of aspects of running a small business.

Below are just a few of the most common business consultancy services requested by our clients.

Feel free to get in contact if you would like help with anything not listed below. Anything we are unable to help with, we can recommend another trusted local business to help you with.

Marketing Advice

Marketing Advice

Most people need to hear of a business around 8 times before they will buy from them so it’s important to do a range of different marketing activities.

Even if people don’t say that they heard about a business through one type of marketing, if it was 1 of the 8 times that lead them to the business, it still played its part and was worthwhile.

Marketing also rarely has an immediate effect. You will often get customers saying they heard about you from an activity you did a couple of months ago so it’s also important to keep up with marketing even when you have a lot / enough orders.

With each marketing opportunity you need to consider whether it reaches enough of your target market and if you are likely to get back in new business at least the cost of the marketing.

People buy from people they feel they know so it’s important to let your customers get to know you, the business owner.

Anna can create a marketing plan, produce a list of marketing ideas and/or carry out suggested marketing for you.

Anna specialises in digital marketing but covers all areas including social media.

Anna can produce a spreadsheet of leads to contact and / or approach them on your behalf with your approved sales pitch.

Marketing AdviceAnna Jolley


Big businesses are now having to declare their carbon footprint and have a sustainability plan that includes how they will reduce it.

As part of this they must consider their supplier’s carbon footprint.

The size of the businesses that this effects is getting increasingly smaller and next year will hit businesses with a turnover of only £5million.

Not only that but a lot of organisations are doing it before they have to to show they care about the environment and stand out against their competitors as consumers buying habits are also rapidly changing to buy from sustainable businesses.

There has been a lot of green washing going on with businesses saying they are sustainable without really understanding what it means and involves.  This is being clamped down on as standards are being set.

Consumers are also getting more savvy about understanding when businesses are just using words without having any action behind them.

There is currently EU funding available to help small businesses with improvements to their businesses that make them more sustainable. However this funding is only available until April next year.

So, if you want to be able to claim funding and get ahead of your competitors, now is the time to act!

If you would like help in understanding how to measure your carbon footprint and produce a sustainability plan, please let me know.

The best thing is that many options to reduce your carbon footprint will also save you money!

SEO Audit Report

Business Focus

A review of your business to help you decide which areas to put the most time and / or money into and anything it would be best to discontinue.


SEO Audit Report

I produce a full audit of your website to let you know the current title tags, H1 tags, H2 tags and meta descriptions being used for each page and my recommendations for any changes and the basis for my recommendations.

I also carry out keyword research for you by analysing your competitor websites and using a keywords analysis tool.

I incorporate the keywords in my recommendations and list them for you to ensure you use them in your website copy updates.

Lastly I give advice on links, images and brand continuity.

SEO Audit Report
Business PlanningWork Smart

Business Planning

A Business Plan is basically the instruction manual for your business. It should cover every aspect of running your business and provide a strategy for where your business is headed and how it will get there.

It should give you focus of what to do and when.

It helps you to see what’s gone wrong when you don’t hit targets and what to do to get back on track.

It is also very useful if you are ever needing a loan or investment for your business to show where your business is at / where it’s going and how it will get there.

A business plan should be completed before setting up a business and revisited regularly to check you are on track to achieving your goals.

It should be amended when you make changes to your products or services and when you expand your business.

Work Smart

Help to Work Smart

Improving your systems and processes to be as efficient as possible and to make the most of your time.

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